January 2018 ITE Workshop

 ITE January  Workshop

January 10, 2018

To register please send an email to ite@njit.edu


8:30-9:00 Registration & Breakfast

9:00 - 9:30

Breakfast and Introductions
John Carpinelli, Blake Haggerty, and Mike Koskinen
CKB  116

9:30 - 10:30

5 Minute Videos for 5 Minute Millennials

One approach to constructing instructional video material is employing dynamic elements to sustain attention and promote retention. The instructor’s challenge is to resolve the tension between students’ limited attention span and the sustained effort necessary for successful study. The face-to-face environment admits tactics not available with video based instruction. Video instruction relies on action and replay. The Short-Sharp-Shock Video is one way to address the attention challenge.

Andrew Pole


Creating Interactive Learning Objects in Moodle

Learn how to use the H5P tool in Moodle to create interactive content, including: interactive presentation slides with built-in questions, video quizzes, timelines, and flashcards.

Nikki Bosca

CKB 116



Converged, HyFlex, Hybrid, Online. What course modalities are available to me at NJIT?

In this presentation we will review the 5 Definitions of course delivery and how can you can get started in adapting your course to teach in the modality of your choice.

Mike Koskinen

CKB 08

Savvy Researcher: Create and Manage Your Online Scholarly Presence

A professional online presence allows scholars to increase the visibility of their publications, to identify new colleagues, readers and potential collaborators worldwide, to increase the reach and impact of their work. This is a hands-on workshop where you can work on any of the various platforms with the assistance of a librarian to create and manage your online identity--  such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate, SCOPUS, Twitter, ORCID, Academia.edu. 

Joesph Mercuri and Raymond Vasquez

CKB 116


Break and Lunch

CKB 116



Lunch presentation and conversation with Provost Dr. Fadi Deek

CKB 116






Kaltura Capture Space. A Better Way To Record Your Learning Objects

Please join Kaltura with learning how to create engaging and interactive digital media for your courses. Presentation to be given by Kaltura.

CKB 116




Teaching Teamwork in Online Classes

When we assign group projects without teaching teamwork principles, we mistakenly assume that students already know how to work with others to accomplish a task. Instead of simply assigning “group work,” we can design opportunities for students to practice humanistic understanding and robust communication that will enable them to form coherent, high-performing teams based on mutual trust.

Bernadette Longo

CKB 116

Moodle Review: Open-Ended Topics

This Q&A session will deal with new features of Moodle and addressing questions from attendees. 

Michael Koskinen & Nikki Bosca

CKB 08



Open Educational Resources Panel

This panel will explore strategies for identifying and incorperating open educational resources into the curriculum.  The pannel will include NJIT faculty who have participated in NJIT's Open and Affordable Textbook (OAT) Initiative.

CKB 116


Drawing for Prizes

CKB 116

To register send an email to ite@njit.edu