Core Values

Learning Communities at NJIT embrace . . .


Students learn best when they understand why. Together, students will take a writing class and math (or other relevant class), as well as a weekly seminar where they can integrate their learning experiences.


Through the Connections University orientation program, students will be introduced to teams before the start of the semester. As learning is inherently social, the classroom environment will be collaborative—faculty, advisors, and students building and sharing knowledge. Peer mentors will facilitate online networking and study groups to enhance learning outside the classroom.


In a weekly seminar, students will have the opportunity to express their goals and reflect on learning experiences across their curriculum.. With the help of resources like NJIT’s Communication Studio, students will build communication-based skills that are highly valued in today’s workplace. Students will be encouraged to share and apply lessons learned, further integrating their knowledge.

Active Learning

Opportunities for community service projects and research will give greater purpose to the learner’s experience, fostering personal and professional development. Community service projects build a spirit of civic engagement. Exposure to research gives students the opportunity to create something new with what they have learned.


In collaborative endeavors, students inevitably encounter difference. Our students will represent a diversity of learners, in terms of cultural background, ethnicity, gender, and learning style. The capacity for tolerating differences, building agreement that honors all voices in the community, and demonstrating concern for how others are doing are crucial aspects of Learning Communities.