For Peer Mentors

Who Are Peer Mentors?

         - Upperclassmen students who take a leadership role in guiding first year students.

         - Strong proponents in their major and are very active members in the NJIT community.

         - Experienced team builders that aid students in study and time management skills.

         - The link connecting students with tutoring and counseling.

   Two Peer mentors are typically assigned to about 25 students in a learning community and engage with students online, in select classes, and other social activities. A peer mentor is an important voice of experience and point of contact for communicating questions or concerns.


Executive Mentors

Sarah Valente

 Carlos Morales

Newark College of Engineering

Engineering Science Cohort

Betty Benony / Kevin Passalacqua / Justin Pinca / Brianna Bohn / William Lau / Aswina Ranasinghe

Engineering Technology

Akarsh Teki / Samantha Vertucci

Civil Engineering

Tiffany Asham / Mateusz Zaranski / Candice Leung / Kevin LaForteza       

 Electrical & Computer Engineering

Faran Ali / Susana Freire / Joseph Ballardo / Jenny George / Maykela Cabalar / Jose Belen             

 Chemical Engineering

 Stephen Fernandez / Irene Moussa

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mike Filippidis / Zack Dennis / Ali Syed / Ivan Calvachi / Oluwakorede Otetubi / Erick McNamara       

Biomedical Engineering

Natalia E Bismarck-Sand / Christine Kurian / Raeesa Soomar / Subhashini Chandrasekaran

College of Science & Liberal Arts

College of Science & Liberal Arts Undecided

Nevin Mathew / Patrycja Puzio

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

 Ancy Thomas / Alisha Matreja

School of Management Business and International Business

Cynthia Ahmed / Daniel Qureshi / Naina Kamath / Yustina Zahkary

College of Architecture and Design

Anuoluwapo Akeredolu / Ryan Cusack / John Ferns / Jeffery Thomas / Stephanie Tran / Brian O'Dowd /Frank DeBlasio / Henry Drago / Gabriel Deguzman

Becoming a Peer Mentor

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? Read and fill out the application forms and contracts below for

Application Form

Peer Mentor Job Description

For further queries contact Dr. Ashish at 973-596-3466 or email him at