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10 Fun Things to do this Summer in (or Near) Newark

From history and sports to arts and entertainment, Newark is a blossoming city where you're sure to find something fun and exciting to do. Newark, also known as the ‘Brick City’ is New Jersey’s largest city and the third oldest city in the United States. The city is widely known for its tourist attractions and in fact, some of the best spots to visit are located in the downtown area. 

NJIT’s campus is located just minutes away from many interesting attractions in the ‘Brick City’ so read on to start planning your next Newark adventure. 

10 Things College Students Should Do to Stay in Balance During the Summer

Taking summer courses is a great idea to get ahead in your studies, retake courses, or fulfill prerequisites. However, many students get carried away with the fast-paced nature of summer courses, and struggle to maintain a healthy school-life balance. Don’t let your summer slip away by being consumed with class. Follow these tips to get the most out of your summer courses and still have a relaxing vacation. 

Why I Chose NJIT - Juliana Schlichting

By Steven Kuerble, Communication and Media ‘22

College Stress Relief: 9 Ways to Reduce Stress

Between going to class, studying, and eating, it's crucial for you to find time to relax and de-stress. Taking care of your mental and physical health can actually help to increase productivity and efficiency. Try out these tips to calm your mind and feel ready to take on the day:

8 Tips on Living with a Roommate

Whether you’re being paired randomly, or already know the person, living in the same room as someone else is a new experience that takes some adjusting to. One of the biggest concerns college students face when moving into a dorm is how to get along with a roommate. Well we’ve put together a guide full of college roommate tips to make this transition into dorm living easier.  

7 Tips for Transferring from Community College

Community college is an excellent stepping stone for students who wish to continue their studies and earn a bachelor’s degree. However, transitioning from a community college to a four-year university can be anxiety provoking and overwhelming. There are so many steps you must take, and tons of decisions to make. Don’t let that stop you from reaching your goal! Keep reading to learn some ways that can make your transfer experience easy and stress-free.  

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