Welcome to the Advising Success Center (ASC) (Undergraduate Advising)



The Advising Success Center (ASC) was established in 2013 in order to assist in the advisement of undergraduate students who are undecided in their major, transitioning into another major at NJIT, and those students who need additional support to graduate successfully and in a timely manner.  ASC, pronounced “ask,” is a place where students will get intentional and intrusive advising, by a supportive academic advisor that will enable them to grow developmentally and give them the motivation they need to complete their degree. 

ASC recognizes advising to be a critical component of the educational experience of its diverse populations of undergraduate students.  Through meaningful and collaborative relationships with advisors, students are able to effectively create and follow sound educational and career plans that are consistent with their personal values, interests, goals, and career paths.  While advising occurs most visibly in these individual relationships, a broad network of professionals, faculty, staff and students exists in support of the institution’s overall advising mission.