Transfer: Binah Ezra

NJIT Transfer Success Story:

Binah Ezra


Why did you transfer to NJIT?

One of the most important reasons is the scholarships offered through NJIT, including Albert Dorman Honors College, NJ STARS II, and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  Very few scholarships are provided to transfer students and when they are, there are small chances for transfers to receive these scholarships.  NJIT offers more scholarships than most four year colleges I was looking into when transferring as well as being one of the cheapest institutions in the state.  Also, NJIT is a well-known name to employers and other institutions.  It is known for its high level of academics, professors, and resources.  It provides career fairs, research opportunities, resume building, and is always perfecting its departments.  It has been ranked one of the highest in regard to being hired after graduation and starting salaries.  NJIT is also known for STEM majors and very helpful when preparing them for the workforce or a continuation of their education.


What advice would you give to incoming transfer students?

I would advise them to find an advisor or chair of the department and communicate with this person frequently before transferring.  Ask this advisor what academic work would prepare them for their Bachelor’s Degree and which courses will not transfer.  Students should communicate early and ask a lot of questions.  Visit the campus to familiarize yourself and meet people in person.  Get to know administration face to face and befriend them as they are your biggest resources. Apply for Honors College because it is one of NJIT’s greatest assets.  Apply for every scholarship and try opportunities you have never tried before.  However, be prepared to feel what they call a “transfer shock” and adjust to a completely different environment.  It will most likely happen, but making new connections, getting involved, and working hard will get you through it.


What are the three things you like best about NJIT?

Albert Dorman Honors College, my advisors, and Career Fair. They have helped me grow and succeed at NJIT.


Name some offices that are the most helpful for transfer students

Advising Success Center, your respective major’s office, Career Development Services, Murray Center for Women in Technology, and Humanities Department.  All of these departments help students transition, adjust their transfer credits, and improve themselves to move forward into the workforce or further education.


What is a major difference between NJIT and the previous school you transferred from?

The level of difficulty of academic coursework is the major difference.  The number of assignments, level of comprehension, and amount of work is more demanding. Many NJIT professors push you to understand concepts and theories, not just memorize examples.


Since transferring to NJIT please share your job, internship, or co-op experience.

I have not yet done any of these through NJIT, but I have done a lot of volunteer work such as volunteering for an elementary school in Newark and helping donate to outside organizations. I have also done some research with my advisor for a couple of courses.


What activities/organizations/clubs are you involved in at NJIT?

Honors Social Committee, WJTB Radio, volunteering at Newark elementary school.


What do you wish you would have known before transferring to NJIT?

I wish I would have known more specifically which courses would transfer and which were unnecessary for me to take.  I also wish I would have known more confidently which major I wanted to pursue and what my plan was prior to starting my degree at NJIT so that my transition and education here could have been smoother.