Copyright Policy Clarification

The following policy clarification has also been reviewed and approved by the General Counsel, Holly Stern:

NJIT has a longstanding copyright policy which delineates the ownership rights of copyrightable material developed by its faculty.   As stated in the policy, NJIT recognizes the traditional academic freedom of its faculty and staff to publish freely without restriction, and the university further recognizes the ownership interest of the faculty member to such material, except where significant use of university resources are utilized in the creation of such material, or there are contractual or funding mandates which determine ownership. (exclusive of any personal computers, library resources, secretarial, and office space)

The development of instructional materials follows the principles set forth in the Copyright Policy.  Unless significant use of university resources were utilized in the creation of such material, or the ownership is subject to research or contractual restrictions (as set out in the Copyright Policy), the faculty member owns the copyright to the materials created.  Subject to the terms of the Copyright Policy, the faculty member shall also be deemed to own the course materials and/or curriculum outlines that they develop, whether in physical or electronic formats.