• A folding table has been placed blocking the entrance to the mailroom.  Signs have been placed on the table that read "ATTENTION DO NOT ENTER MAIL ROOM.  PLEASE WAIT FOR STAFF MEMBER TO ASSIST YOU".
  • A sign has been placed on the mailroom floor, six feet from the folding table at the entrance that reads "SIX FOOT LINE-from table".
  • We are asking the mailroom staff to maintain a six foot distance when dealing with anyone who comes to the mailroom.  If a person is picking up mail or packages you can either ask them to go upstairs while you get their items ready or ask them to step back to maintain the six foot distance while you place their items on the table.
  • When you scan a package please write the recipient's name in the signature block.  We don't want to pass the scanner back and forth to people.
  • When receiving UPS, FedEx and USPS (or any delivery) we should maintain the six food distance from the drivers.  Let them sign your name on their scanners.

John McTernan​
Mail Services Manager
(973) 596-3188