Refunds for Withdrawal from Classes

Students who withdraw from NJIT voluntarily will receive a tuition refund based upon the applicable schedule listed below. Students must withdraw via the Highlander Pipeline in order to qualify for a refund.

The date of withdrawal is the date students process their withdrawal on this site.  There will be no refund of tuition and fees after the second week of the semester for partial withdrawals.

Refunds will only be granted for complete withdrawal from the university after the second week of classes.

Treatment of NJIT Financial Aid Due to Total Withdrawal

Total Withdrawals during the Fall or Spring Semesters

The percentage of tuition refunded is based on the following chart.  Fees are only refunded during Week 1.

Week 1 100%
Week 2 90%
Week 3 50%
Week 4 50%
Week 5 25%
Week 6 25%
Week 7 25%

Partial Withdrawals during Fall or Spring Semesters
(There are no refunds for partial withdrawal after the second week of the semester.)

After the last day of the second week of classes each semester, students who reduce credits, but remain enrolled will not receive any refund of tuition or other charges. For federal and state financial aid purposes, no adjustment from full-time to part-time status is made after the end of the second week of classes.

The percentage of tuition refunded for credit reductions short of complete withdrawal in a semester is:

Week 1 100%
Week 2 90%

Cooperative Education

Registration for co-op courses must be completed within the regular academic deadlines for add/drop for a semester except that the addition of a co-op course may occur up to but no later than two weeks beyond the start of the semester.  Any withdrawals that occur in conjunction with the addition of a co-op course will follow the regular refund schedule.

Emergency Withdrawal

When the Dean of Students Office approves emergency withdrawals, those students shall receive a refund pro-rated according to the number of weeks the student attended in the term. Students may request emergency withdrawal for the following reasons: 1) medical circumstances which prevent completing the term; 2) call to military service which prevents completing the term; and, 3) mental condition which prevents completing the term.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Financial aid recipients whose term record shows zero (0) earned credits because of F and/or W grades will be reviewed for class attendance. A withdrawal date may be assigned to any student whose attendance or participation in class cannot be documented, and any federal aid may be reduced or canceled.

Study Abroad

Once the program has begun or tuition has been paid, there will be no refund (unless there is a medical condition certified by a medical doctor that warrants withdrawal).

Summer Session

Refund policy and procedures for summer terms are published in the Summer Academic Calendar.

Students who have or are contemplating a complete withdrawal from NJIT are strongly encouraged to speak with an advisor in the Academic Success Center.