Instructions for Parents and Authorized Users

How do I access my students account?


 Click here to access the Authorized User Portal


How do I enroll in a payment plan?


    1.  Login to the Authorized Users Portal

    2.  Underneath the NJIT logo - click on the Payment Plans tab

    3.  Click on Enroll now

    4.  Select the current Term

    5.  Term and Conditions display - click Continue

    6. Click Display Payment Schedule

        a. Here at the bottom of the page you can set up auto payments

    7. Click Continue

    8.  Select your payment method from the Drop Down List

    9.  Enter payment information

  10.  Payment Plan Terms and Agreement Displays - check the I Agree box

  11.  Click Continue

  12.  Payment Receipt will display


You have successfully set up a payment plan!


How do I save a payment profile or opt in for text messaging?


   1.  Login in ti the Authorized Users Portal

   2.  Click on My Profiles Tab

   3.  For payment profiles - click on Add New Payment Method (eCheck only)

   4.  Enter account information and choose payment profile name

   5.  For opting in to text messaging

   6.  Click on Communications

   7.  Enter cell phone number

   8.  Click Save


You have completed the Process!