Risk Management is the process to identify, analyze and respond to operational risk factors. Certain operational risk factors are mitigated through insurance products and also through contractual risk transference.

NJIT purchases various insurance products to protect the organization as well as its employees and students from various risk factors such as slip and falls, injuries which take place in the course of employment, damage to NJIT equipment, etc. See list of NJIT coverages from insurance coverage tile.

Yes. When working with third party vendors, there should be a contract in place reflecting each party’s responsibilities before, during and after the event. The contract should reflect what insurance NJIT requires they carry. If the vendor is bringing in equipment, please make NJIT’s Facilities Department aware and someone from the department sponsoring the event should be present for its delivery, set up and take down (if applicable) to make sure there are no issues or damage. Please contact NJIT’s Department of Risk Management at riskmanagement@njit.edu to assist with appropriate COI requirements.

When hosting educational, athletic, performing arts and other activities including internships which involve the participation and/or attendance of minor children you must follow NJIT’s Minors on Campus policy which establishes the guidelines and safeguard for ensuring the safety and well-being of these minors and those who work with or interact with them.

NJIT’s Facilities Systems, Photo Identification and Parking Services Department sets the guidelines for the usage of NJIT fleet vehicles. However, if your job requires you to use a fleet vehicle you must complete NJIT’s Driver Authorization Form.

When renting a vehicle in the name of NJIT through NJIT’s Preferred Vendor (Enterprise Car Rental) liability and physical damage coverage are automatically included. If a vehicle is rented through a non-preferred vendor, we recommend purchasing both liability and physical damage insurance coverage.

Report all auto accidents that occur on campus immediately to NJIT’s Department of Public Safety. Report all auto accidents occurring off campus to local police. Regardless of where the accident occurs, please report it to NJIT’s Department of Risk Management (riskmanagement@njit.edu).

You should submit to NJIT’s Department of Risk Management (riskmanagement@njit.edu) a copy of the contract with the vendor to ensure adequate insurance is maintained and will be evidenced by a certificate of insurance as well as review the vendor's responsibility should damage occur due to their negligence. We would also suggest any equipment be inspected prior to and after the move to ensure there is no damage and it is working properly if applicable.

Claim forms can be found here. Please file the relevant claim form and send the completed form to NJIT’s Department of Risk Management (riskmanagement@njit.edu) as soon as possible.