Student Health Packet

The Student Health Packet must be completed by all NJIT students! 

This includes Freshmen, Re-admits, Transfer, International Students, Graduate, and Part-time students.

The Student Health Packet consists of:

Students must read the requirements carefully to make sure they are in compliance.

Immunization records should be received by July 15th for students registering for the Fall Semester and by January 15th for students registering for the Spring semester.

  • If you are a late admit, please submit prior to or on day of registration. If, after the last date for registration for the fall semester your records are incomplete, a health hold will be placed on your registration account. 
  • Please note: You will not be allowed to register for future semesters until you have handed into SHS the required, completed immunization and physical examination documents.

The Meningitis vaccine is required for all undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students who are new to NJIT and are new to University housing. If you plan to live on campus, you will not be allowed to move into on-campus housing if you have not submitted proof of Meningitis vaccination.

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