Photo of the Highlander Pub

Highlander Pub

The Highlander Pub or the Pub, as it is commonly called, is the NJIT Bar & Restaurant, located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center. The Pub contains two areas: the Restaurant side and the Bar side. The Restaurant side is managed by Gourmet Dining Services (GDS) and students and staff can order from a variety of menu selections by downloading the app and placing their meal order. The Restaurant area is also the performance space, with a stage, as well as a sound system. The Bar side of the Pub is managed by Strategic Events & Conference Services. The Pub serves the  NJIT community, including students, staff, faculty, and alumni. All patrons must be part of the NJIT community or be accompanied by an NJIT affiliate.

Must Be 21 years of age to enter the bar.

Government issued identification is required at the entrance.